How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Receive power now!


Just before He ascended into heaven, Jesus said, "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you" (Acts 1:8).


This page will give you the instructions of how to be filled with the precious Holy Spirit of God Himself, the manifest power of God.


This is not for our own purposes and is only to serve Him. However, this same power enables us to be what God wants us to be in this life and to be an overcomer.


IMPORTANT: This power is not available unless you have already been born of the Spirit by receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Otherwise it does not work. Don't try. In fact, it may even be dangerous. If you have not received Christ, stop now, and click here.


All believers are indwelled by the Holy Spirit; however, not all believers are "filled" with the Spirit and His power, otherwise God would not have to command us to be. The lack of spiritual power is all too evident among believers.


Not an option. If you have already received Christ, in Ephesians 5:18 God commands all believers to be filled with the Spirit; therefore, we know it is God's will for everyone. It is really a command from God and really not an option.


Before His ascension into heaven, in Acts chapter 1 Jesus prophesied that this phenomenon would happen to believers. He called it "the promise of the Father," told the disciples that they would receive power when the Holy Spirit came on them, and He also referred to it as "the baptism with the Holy Spirit." It happened a few days later on the day of Pentecost as described in Acts 2:4, and there it is called being "filled with the Spirit."


In several others places in the book of Acts it happened to other believers and different terminology is used, but in all cases the Holy Spirit came "on" or "upon" people.


It doesn't matter what you call it. The important thing is that it brings the fullness of God's power and releases the gifts of the Spirit in your life to be a witness for Christ and to do His will. This happened to me many years ago and is the power behind this message you are reading, as well as other ministry in my life.


Here is how you can be filled with the Spirit, right now:

First, you must sincerely desire for God to fill you with Himself, which really means you must want God to totally have His way in your life. Because God is total love and total wisdom and He always has our best interest in mind, we all should want that. Anything else is irrational. Therefore, present every area of your life to God.


Second, confess to God any known sin in your life and by faith thank Him that He has forgiven your sins -- past present and future -- because Christ died for you. By faith claim His promise of forgiveness and cleansing according to 1 John 1:9.


Third, ask God to fill you with His Spirit. In a moment I will suggest a prayer. But remember, from Ephesians 5:18 we already know that it is His will for you. And we know that in 1 John 5:14-15, it says, " This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him." I repeat: it says, "…we know that we have (present tense) what we asked of him."


Fourth, remember that we always receive from God by faith, so receive this gift by faith, as an act of your will, and thank and praise God for answering your prayer and filling you with His Spirit.

Based on what God says about being filled with the Spirit, His command and His promise to give you what you ask according to His will, here is a suggested prayer. If you agree with these words, pray them now, then believe, and you will receive. Remember that in Mark 11:24 Jesus said, "I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

Here is the suggested prayer:


"Dear Lord Jesus, your Word says that you are the 'baptizer in the Holy Spirit.' Thank you for forgiving my sins because you died on the cross for me. Thank you for offering the fullness of your Spirit to me. As you commanded, I desire to be filled with your Spirit, so I know it is your will. And your promise says that if I ask anything according to your will, and if believe that I receive, then I can have what I ask for and it is mine. Therefore, I ask for the fullness and power of your Holy Spirit to come upon me right now. I receive Him by faith, right now. I now thank you for answering this prayer and filling me with your Holy Spirit. Now use me for your purposes and your glory. In Jesus' name. Amen."


Continue to worship and praise God. You may or may not experience physical or emotional feelings. That is not important. It is not based on feelings but on faith. Feelings may come now or later. The gifts of the Spirit may begin to flow through you immediately, or later, also by faith.


In the book of Acts, most or all of whom the Holy Spirit fell upon began to speak in unknown languages (e.g. 2:4, 10:46, 19:6). This manifestation of the Spirit continues widely to this day, as attested to worldwide by believers in virtually all denominations. Doubt and fear from poor teaching often blocks this manifestation, but doubt and fear are overcome by faith. Step out in faith and do not doubt.


Allow the life of Christ to flow through you and use you for God's purposes.


God bless you




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