Angels appear in Indonesian Church

A fellow in Indonesia named Jimmy sent me the below photo with this explanation:


"I herewith send you a picture of seven Angels appeared at an International Church Growth Seminar, July 1 - 4, 2002, in Surabaya, Indonesia. The Angels were dancing in front of the stage during praise and worship session; Nobody knew until the film was processed and printed. I was sent this picture by a friend & there is no camera trick !!! I think that I need to send you this picture to be shared with others ... what a tremendous joy !!! God bless & Maranatha."


(He also gave the URL for the church:

Since I do not really know Jimmy, and even though I had no reason to doubt, I preferred some confirmation of such an astonishing phenomenon, so I inquired of a missionary/evangelist friend, Darrel Stott, who spends a lot of time in Indonesia and knows many people there. Darrell replied that he frequently ministers in that particular church, and said:


"It would be credible from my opinion. The biggest change in my last two trips was angelic activity in the meetings and increase in physical healings. In various meeting, groups of young adults came to the front and pointed and talked to the angels as I ministered. They spoke in a language that sounded like tongues to the angels but they also could understand each other in this tongue as they spoke to the angels."


(Darrell has an awesome ministry noted for powerful evangelism and supernatural happenings. (Click here for his Web site.)


For the photo of the angels in Indonesia,see below: