The World's

Greatest Truths!



by Jim Bramlett

(the above title is from my 1988 book,
not available at this time.)



Thank you for visiting this Web site. While maybe sounding audacious, this site really does contain "the world's greatest truths," because it contains truths from God's inerrant, holy Word, the Bible.


This is said unapologetically, because the portions of this site that quote God's Word are, indeed, absolute truth. However, other portions of this site that are based on interpretations of God's Word and opinions may or may not be truth. May the Lord grant discernment to the reader.






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The site has five main parts:

Click Here Part I. How to be sure you will go to heaven when you die. How to know God personally. How to receive His pardon, purpose, peace, power, promises and eternal life. If you do not know Him, please give this section top, immediate priority.


Click Here Part II. Great truths from the Bible.

Click Here Part III. Biblical Prophecy. Exciting! Reports with insights into the riveting subject of biblical prophecy -- God's plan for the ages -- and the most exciting event in all history -- the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ! Overwhelming evidence of His soon return, angel confirmations, and more!


Click Here Part IV. Special reports. Various subjects. Exciting!


Click Here Part V. How to be filled with the Holy Spirit -- now!
In Ephesians 5:18, it is a command, not an option. And like salvation and all of God's gifts, it is by grace through faith.



May God bless each reader and may He reveal Himself to you in a fresh and special way, by the power of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus' name. Amen.



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