Angels Heard Singing!



Dear friends:


In the past few years I have been able to acquire tape recordings of what appears to be angels singing, at four different locations, one in China and three in the U.S.


The tapes were buried in storage boxes until recently, when I decided to search for them and make them available on my Web site, with the volunteer help of my Webmaster friend, Mike Vest. This has now been done, and they are available at the links below.


Each link offers the best possible explanation of the circumstances.


The audio quality is sometimes very poor but it is the best we can do. For example, the Chinese recording was done with a cheap recorder in a home church in a small Chinese village. It is very weak, but we are blessed to have what we have.


Personally, I find all of them electrifying, and inspiring!


By the way, other examples of angels being heard, and even seen visibly, at other churches have been reported to me from time to time.


Enjoy, and join the angels in praise to our great and wonderful Creator and Savior!



Encounter # 1: Angels singing in a Maryland church

Encounter # 2: Angels singing in a Chinese church

Encounter # 3: Angels singing in a Florida church

Encounter # 4: Angels singing in a Kansas church



Someone has asked how do we know these are angels and not demons. Easy answer. Praising Jesus, the Son of God, is not in the job description of demons! They cannot stand to be around when praise to Him is going on, because that reminds them of their defeat on the cross.


Other Angel Experiences


Also in the past few years I have investigated and documented several actual cases of angels appearing as humans and bringing a message of the soon return of Jesus Christ. For this report, click here.


Angels who appear as humans are not without biblical precedent. For example, two angels came to Sodom to warn Lot before they destroyed the city (Genesis 19). They visited Lot's home, ate with him, and even spent the night! They appeared as such "real people" that Sodom's homosexuals tried to accost them and have sex with them, but the angels struck them blind. The next day, because of its blatant wickedness, God destroyed the city by fire.


Angels are real, the Bible tells us. Hebrews 1:14 says they are ministering spirits sent to (not everyone, but) those who are to inherit salvation. We are also told that "some people have entertained angels without knowing it" (Hebrews 13:2), and therefore "we should not forget to entertain strangers." The one caution the Bible gives is that we are not to worship them.
Recognizing and acknowledging their work is okay as long as we do not worship them. Worship is reserved only for God.


It is important to stress that any mystical experience, even messages from angels, must be carefully judged against God's Holy Word, the Bible. New Agers and other non-Christians claim angelic revelations while rejecting the cross of Christ which paid the price for our spiritual blessings and access to heavenly things. They are deceived and usually involved with demonic spirits. A pertinent fact about the experiences I describe in the special report mentioned is that they came to me after I had already concluded their general message from the Scriptures. Therefore, they were confirming messages. Nevertheless, judge them for yourselves.



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