Angels Singing
in a Kansas (?) Church



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UPDATED 2-23-07, with new audio


Explanation below...

I have had this tape for several years but I recently found a cleaner version of it on the Internet, preceded by an explanation.

According to this report, it happened in a church in Kansas City, Kansas; however, I have differing reports as to its origin. It is within the realm of possibility that God allowed this manifestation in more than one place!

Near the end of the song there is a brief male solo. Exact words sung are difficult to discern, and listeners have speculated on what they are. I have taken their feedback and re-listened a dozen or more times myself, and the following seems to be correct, with a friend's view added in parentheses, taken from his better equipment:

Halleluyah(s), breathe it (or ringing) all across the land
Everybody's singing at the Lord's command
All the saints and the angels up in glory wait to hear the news
of Jesus and his children that
(or as) they're coming soon (through).

Halleluyah, halleluyah, etc.

One reader showed me where the late Tennessee Ernie Ford had used the same words in a hymn he recorded many years ago. This angel tape has also been around many years so we do not know whether or not Ernie learned the words from the angels or the angels were using Ernie's words. The latter would not detract from the reliability of the account because the rest of the halleluyahs in the song are also from a an old song used in churches and prayer groups for many years.

I did not know the identity of the narrator on the tape and when I first posted this I asked that if anyone knows, please let me know.
I soon received a message from a fellow named David S. Dieter, who sent me a higher quality version of the tape and who said:

"The name of the narrator is Claude C. Hargis, a Messianic Jew who went home to be with the Lord over ten years ago. I met him on several occasions and became friends with him. He ministered for a number of years in Oklahoma City and Pampa, Texas during the late '80s and early '90s.

"The pitch on the audio is slightly too high because Claude has a slightly lower voice than what is on the audio. I am very familiar with this story because I have a tape of it from another source.

"I have included this same file with the following changes: I have adjusted the pitch of the whole file to 90% of the original, and I have removed most of the hum and hiss (by -24db) of just the section of the narrator Claude Hargis. I also cut out parts of the longer pauses, including a little at the beginning.

"I have also found that if you play the angelic section at twice normal speed that you can better hear the separation between the angels and the people. I have listened to this many times and determined that in the very beginning the angels are singing/holding a single note until the end of the last note of the third human halleluyah and then start harmonizing with them."

Enjoy, and be blesssed!


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